Do I need to enrol with the JRCPTB?

If you have been appointed to a physician training post at core or specialty level within the UK, you will need to enrol with us before starting your training.

You will receive an email from us confirming when you are able to enrol. Please do not attempt to enrol before then as the system will not be ready for your application. If you have not received an invite to enrol your training within three months of your appointment please see our FAQs and contact us.

An ePorfolio account will be created for all new trainees. Existing trainees will use the same account/login details as before and have access to all previous training information. ePortfolio access is only granted to trainees who have enrolled.

Once you have enrolled, the initial training programme information will be added to your account with 48-72 hours. Your training information will not be visible to you until the date your programme starts. Please only contact us after this date if it is not available.

Why do I need to enrol with the JRCPTB?

  • To maintain access to the training tools we provide which includes your ePortfolio, curriculum and assessment methods
  • If we don't know about you we cannot monitor your training and ensure your training is completed within the legal requirements and to the standards set by the General Medical Council
  • You will need to enrol with us so we can recommend you to the General Medical Council for specialist registration. You will need specialist registration so you can then work as a consultant legally in the NHS or elsewhere in the world

Failure to enrol your post with us within three months of your start date may result in:

  • Your post not counting towards your CCT, subsequently delaying your completion of training
  • Not being able to undertake any activities to support your training such as prospectively approving periods of out of programme and recommending you for accreditation
  • Your ePortfolio account being locked
  • Failing your ARCP
  • Not having access to the training tools we provide