What we can offer

  • Help in planning education and training
  • Access to a well tested curriculum, and full support for delivery
  • Support in developing your own training programmes and curricula, delivered to local standards
  • Delivery of an ePortfolio for trainees
  • A range of tools for assessment
  • External evaluation of any aspect of training and assessment
  • Formal accreditation to a UK standard, or to your own local curriculum.

You may decide to select just a few of these options, or you may choose to commission a comprehensive package that provides a ready-to-use system of training and assessment. Please see the following pages to read more about each of these services.

Next steps

The services we can offer are complex and sophisticated. If you would like to find out more we would be delighted to meet with your team, to present our programmes in more detail and hear about your specific requirements. Whether this means a preliminary videoconference, a visit to your country, or an event hosted at one of our Royal Colleges, we look forward to the next step in what we hope will be an enduring and productive partnership.

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Get in touch

To learn more about opportunities for working with us and MRCP(UK) to develop a package of training and assessment, contact