Fees and membership

Current JRCPTB enrolment fees

All trainees enrolling and making a payment to us will be charged as follows:

Enrolment fees applicable from 1 August 2013

LAT fee

Upfront fee for core training

Upfront fee for specialty training

Instalment if paid alongside Collegiate Membership

£169 per LAT programme



 £169 per annum


At the end of the online enrolment process you will be presented with two choices:

1. Make a one-off upfront payment to JRCPTB 

2. Split your training fees into instalments paid annually alongside a Collegiate Membership programme

The one off fee can be paid in the final stages of the online enrolment by debit or credit card (not American Express) or PayPal account.

You also have the option to request a fee review. Reductions will be made in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please note, requesting a fee review will delay your enrolment application being processed and may delay access to our training services.

You can request a fee review if you have previously made payments towards your substantive stage of training. Up to two LAT fees (£169 per LAT) may be deducted from your total enrolment payment, subject to review by the enrolment team. You will be issued with a refund subsequently within 15 working days of any overpayment of your fees.

We have produced this useful leaflet which explains how the money we collect via your enrolment fee is used to fund many of JRCPTB's activities. 

PDF icon How we support your training

Claiming tax relief on enrolment fees

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) agreed that with effect from 10 May 2013 mandatory trainee registration fees are tax deductible. Tax relief can therefore be claimed on all enrolment fees paid to JRCPTB on or after this date.  JRCPTB enrolment fees were not eligible for tax relief before 2013 so if you enrolled prior to 2013, please be advised that you may not be eligible for tax relief.

Trainees should receive confirmation of payment when they complete their enrolment online. This should be sufficient confirmation (receipt) that you have paid your training fees, or you can use the PayPal confirmation authorisation codes as a means of evidence of your payment.  The enrolment team can issue receipts upon request for the payment of enrolment fees.

Further information on how to apply for tax relief

  • Guidance on how to claim relief for fees can be found on the GOV.UK website.
  • Background information on claiming expenses where education is part of the duties of the employment can be found on the HMRC website.

Please note that JRCPTB and MRCP(UK) are unable to provide advice about your personal tax affairs. If you believe you are eligible to claim, please seek advice from your own personal tax adviser.

For information on claiming tax relief for MRCP(UK) examination trainees please see the MRCP(UK) website.

The benefits of paying through Collegiate Membership

Trainees registered with us can choose to pay their enrolment fees in annual instalments through one of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK (Edinburgh, Glasgow or London) alongside College membership fees. Paying through Collegiate Membership will spread your JRCPTB fees over a number of annual payments alongside your membership subscription. Membership subscription fees start at about £100 and do not include the JRCPTB enrolment fee.

The first fee will always be paid directly to us. The membership department will be responsible for collecting both their membership subscription fee and the JRCPTB enrolment fee for the subsequent payments on an annual basis.

This payment option provides cash flow advantages alongside wider membership benefits primarily related to education and training. Membership subscription fees start at about £100 not including the JRCPTB enrolment fee. Please note that the JRCPTB portion of the fee is subject to change and may increase over the course of your payment plan.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Royal College of Physicians of London

From only £5 per month / £60 pa (tax deductible):

  • Includes access to CPD scheme (value £135)
  • Discounted attendance at a range of general medical symposia around the UK, and free annual trainees’ symposium
  • Access to a wide range of online education linked to the GIM training curricula
  • Representation from one of the UK's most active trainee groups, committed to advocating for protected training time and much more


For further information please click here.

Tax deductible trainee membership from just £60 per annum (£30 if joining between April and September) offers you:

  • Discounted educational events and courses, including MRCP revision courses.
  • Membership of the UK’s only combined Royal College, opening access to a broad range of specialties and activities across medicine and surgery.
  • CPD Diary access (saving £135).
  • Access to scholarship and awards, valued up to £10,000 (CMT) or £30,000 (ST3).
  • Access to our CMT buddy scheme.
  • Free inter-library loans, access to the Scottish Health Libraries Catalogue (SHELCAT) and electronic journal access.


For further information please click here.

Apply online for RCPL collegiate membership or RCPL associate membership

Boost your educational and career potential with access to:

For further information please click here.

Applying for refunds

If you believe you have overpaid your fees, we will consider applications for a refund received within 3 months of the date of payment. Refunds will be issued in accordance with our terms and conditions. To apply for a refund please complete the File Refund Request Form.docx and send it via email to enrolmentrefunds@jrcptb.org.uk.

If your fees have been collected via one of the Collegiate Membership schemes please contact the relevant College directly for a refund:

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow

Royal College of Physicians London