ARCP decision aids

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) is the formal method by which a trainee's progression through their training programme is monitored and recorded as described in the Gold Guide (sixth edition). Deaneries/HEE local offices are responsible for organising and conducting ARCPs. The evidence to be reviewed by ARCP panels should be collected in the trainee's ePortfolio.

ARCP Decision Aids

ARCP Decision Aids define the targets that have to be achieved for a satisfactory ARCP outcome at the end  of each training year for core medical training (CMT) and higher medical training specialties. Decision aids are also available on the specialties pages. Trainees and trainers should refer to the latest ARCP decision aids published on this website and trainees on a dual CCT programmes with General Internal Medicine (GIM) should refer to the GIM decision aid in addition to their specialty ARCP Decision Aid.

ARCP decision aids will be revised to reflect curricula amendments and the documents below and on each specialty webpage are the most current versions.

Where a new curriculum has been implemented and there is a transition period there will be two versions of the ARCP decision aid. Trainees should ensure they use the correct version.  

PDF icon Acute Internal MedicinePDF icon Allergy
PDF icon Audiovestibular Medicine 2010PDF icon Audiovestibular Medicine 2015
PDF icon Aviation and Space MedicinePDF icon Cardiology
PDF icon Clinical GeneticsPDF icon Clinical Neurophysiology
PDF icon Clinical Phamacology and Therapeutics

PDF icon Core Medical Training

PDF icon DermatologyPDF icon Endo and Diabetes
PDF icon Gastroenterology and HepatologyPDF icon General Internal Medicine
PDF icon Genitourinary Medicine 2010PDF icon Genitourinary Medicine 2016
PDF icon Geriatric MedicinePDF icon Haematology
PDF icon Immunology 2010PDF icon Immunology 2015
PDF icon Infectious Diseases 2010PDF icon Infectious Diseases 2014
PDF icon Medical Oncology 2010PDF icon Medical Opthalmology 2010
PDF icon Medical Ophthalmology 2015PDF icon Metabolic Medicine
PDF icon NeurologyPDF icon Nuclear Medicine 2010
PDF icon Nuclear Medicine 2014PDF icon Paediatric Cardiology
PDF icon Palliative MedicinePDF icon Pharmaceutical Medicine
PDF icon Rehabilitation MedicinePDF icon Renal Medicine
PDF icon Respiratory Medicine single CCTPDF icon Respiratory Medicine dual CCT
PDF icon RheumatologyPDF icon Sport and Exercise Medicine
PDF icon Stroke MedicinePDF icon Tropical Medicine 2010
PDF icon Tropical Medicine 2014 

ARCP and ePortfolio

The ePortfolio should be used to present evidence in an organised way to enable the educational supervisor and the ARCP panel to determine whether satisfactory progress is being made to proceed to the next phase of training. Evidence that may be linked to the competencies listed on the ePortfolio curriculum record include supervised learning events, DOPS, reflections on clinical cases/events/personal performance, teaching attended or other learning events undertaken e.g. e learning modules, audit or quality improvement project reports, feedback on teaching delivered and examination pass communications.

Educational supervisor reports covering the whole training year are required before the ARCP. The educational supervisor will receive feedback on a trainee's clinical performance from other clinicians via the multiple consultant report (MCR). This report should bring to the attention of the panel events that are causing concern eg patient safety issues, professional behaviour issues, poor performance in workplace based assessments, poor MSF report, issues reported by other clinicians. 

Pre-ARCP checklist

JRCPTB recommends that trainees have an ePortfolio review with their educational supervisor or training programme director prior to the ARCP. This provides an opportunity to ensure the required evidence has been recorded in the ePortfolio and that any concerns are identified at an earlier stage. A pre-ARCP checklist for educational supervisors and trainees was developed in 2013 with the help of the trainee representative on the Rheumatology SAC. The guidance was updated in August 2015.

PDF icon Pre-ARCP checklist (updated August 2015).pdf