User guides

We have produced a series of user guides aimed at trainees, supervisors and administrators.

Trainee user guides

The following guides are designed to help trainees to make the most of the ePortfolio and provide guidance on how to navigate and complete assessments.

Further information on academic training can be found here

Role and responsibilities of the trainee

It is primarily the trainee's responsibility to enter information into the JRCPTB ePortfolio but supervisors also have access to shared parts of the ePortfolio and have a responsibility to record supervisor reports, ARCP outcomes and confirm the record of competence. 

Trainees are responsible for keeping their ePortfolio updated in line with the curricula requirements. They will need to make sure they know who their local administrator is and do the following:

  • Make sure the post is up to date with current post details with educational and clinical supervisors assigned to each post
  • Ensure the required assessments are completed for each rotation/post
  • Log reflections, courses attended, certificates
  • Keep personal details updated
  • Appraisals and development plan
  • Link assessments against the curricula competencies achieved

It is the trainee's responsibility to make sure that the ePortfolio and all assessments are completed and updated. Any queries should be directed to local deanery/HEE local office, postgraduate centre or trust administrator as the first point of call. 

Supervisor user guides

Thes guides are designed to help trainers make the most of the ePortfolio and provide guidance on how to navigate and complete assessments for  trainees.

Role and responsibilities of the Educational/Clinical/Academic Supervisor & TPD

Supervisors should be supporting their trainees throughout their training and in particular ensure that the following is done on ePortfolio (which only supervisors can complete):

  • Releasing MSF summary to trainee
  • Completing WPBAs
  • Competing external assessment requests made by trainee
  • Completing the supervisors report
  • Signing off the ARCP form
  • Signing off competencies in the curriculum
  • Completing the end of attachment appraisal form
  • Ensure that they have been appointed to the correct programme and post details are correct 

Administrator user guides

This guidance is designed to help administrators to make the most of using the ePortfolio and provide guidance on how to navigate and administer trainee accounts.

Please note the ePortfolio has had some major changes and the user guidance will be updated periodically to reflect the new changes. If you have any problems administering accounts you can contact the ePortfolio helpdesk for assistance.

Role and responsibilities of the Deanery/HEE local office/Postgraduate Centre/Trust Administrator

Local administrators should be supporting trainees with their ePortfolio administration. Administrators are responsible for the following: 

  • Ensuring the trainees post is updated with the correct start/end dates of post and rotations
  • Adding Educational, Clinical, Academic and Programme Directors to the trainees post
  • Ensuring all supervisors have an ePortfolio account
  • Providing advice and guidance to supervisors and trainees on how to use ePortfolio
  • Moving assessment form
  • Resetting of passwords
  • Creation of accounts
  • Ensuring that ARCPs form are entered