Completing training

Recommendation to the Specialist Register

Registration for the GMC Specialist register is not automatic. Once you have received an Outcome 6 for all specialties at your final ARCP meeting, we need to be notified so the process can begin.

The trainee is responsible for the following:

  1. Ensure your E-portfolio contains the following documents, ideally in a new folder labelled “Completion” in your Personal Library
  • An up to date CV (i.e. covering posts up to your CCT date).
  • Evidence of having achieved specialty specific certificates (which certificates need to be shown can be found listed in your speciality curriculum).
  • A completion date calculator:Office spreadsheet icon download here 
  1. Ensure a Penultimate Year Assessment (PYA) report for all specialties is available on the E-portfolio, either in the PYA section of your ePortfolio or in an clearly labelled folder in your Personal Library. If your PYA took place more than 24 months prior to your Completion of Training (‘COT’) date, you will need to have another PYA review before you can complete training. Please speak to your deanery for further information on this.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  2. Once you your final ARCP review has taken place, please ensure the ARCP form(s) on your E-portfolio has been completed correctly
  • Ensure that an electronic signature is provided from your TPD and yourself (this can be done by selecting the “Links” option at the bottom of your ARCP report on the E-portfolio and selecting signature).
  • Ensure the COT date listed on the form(s) is correct. If the form has already been finalised, your TPD can add a note to the bottom of the form stating the correct date.
  • Ensure that all mandatory targets set during your PYA have been listed individually and shown to have been achieved. This should be listed as seen below

Target 1 (Mandatory): XXX – achieved
Target 2 (Mandatory): XXX – achieved
Target 3 (Mandatory): XXX – achieved
Target 4 (Mandatory): XXX – achieved
Target 5 (Mandatory): XXX – achieved

Please note: If this field cannot be edited, your TPD should add this information to the form as comment. Scroll to the bottom of the ARCP form, click the purple ‘Links’ button which will open a text box where this can be added.

Having received an Outcome 6 for all your specialties and reviewing the ePortfolio in regards to the points set out above, please email to ensure we have notification of your completion of training. We will then review your ePortfolio before forwarding your application to the Speciality Advisory Committee (SAC) for their approval.

JRCPTB will then be responsible for the following:

  • Review the documents available on trainees ePortfolio and confirm they are to the standard outlined above
  • Contact the trainee or deanery to request any further information, if required
  • Send complete applications for completion of training to Specialist Advisory Committee(s) (‘SAC’) for review and approval
  • Contact the trainee or deanery if further information is requested from the SAC as part of their review
  • Once final approval has been received for the SAC(s), we will send a recommendation for entry onto the specialist register to the GMC

Your Deanery is responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring your PYA and ARCP take place
  • Ensuring your ARCP and PYA forms are completed correctly
  • Providing further information on queries raised during our completion of training quality checks

The Speciality Advisory Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing the trainees documents from the perspective of a specialty consultant and providing final approval, if all documents are satisfactory

How long does the process take?

The length of the process varies depending on several factors, usually to do with a trainees training history. Completing the requests listed above and contacting us as soon as your outcome 6 ARCP forms are available on your E-portfolio will help reduce the processing time for your application. Please note it may still take 4-8 weeks to process.

For trainees with complicated training histories and who have to provide additional information, it can take 8 weeks or more. We will do our best to keep you updated if this is the case.

How can a trainee get an update on the status of their COT?

We will contact you at key stages of the process. If you haven’t heard from us and would like further information, please email us on or call us on 020 3075 1249.

Do I need to pay anything to complete training?

We do not charge a fee for the completion of training. However, it is expected that any enrolment or membership fees have been paid in full. If you believe you still have an amount outstanding or wish to check this has been paid, please contact

Please note, the GMC do charge an amount as part of their application process to the specialist register.