The state of physicianly training in the UK

The state of physicianly training in the UK report is a development of an on-going process to try and improve postgraduate medical education and training in the UK and builds on previous published quality reports. It attempts to objectively review the current state of the quality of physicianly training provided within the UK by examining multiple quality datasets by specialty and region and map these against the GMC themes and standards for postgraduate medical education and training.

The 2017 report was intended to provide an evidence-based benchmark for future comparisons. The 2019 report has examined the same datasets since 2017 and compared this data to the 2017 report, highlighting areas of improvement and decline.

We hope and expect other stakeholders, partners and regulators such as the GMC to use this when progressing their own responsibilities for quality improvement. Meanwhile, the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians on the UK will continue to undertake its own programme of work to measure and enhance the quality of training as documented in the report.

2019 report

2017 report