Acute care common stem (medicine)

About the specialty: 

Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) - Acute Medicine

The training pathway of acute care common stem - Acute Medicine (ACCS-AM) offers an alternative route into physicianly training for trainees who are interested in careers in the acute aspects of medical care. The three-year programme provides experience of acute medicine, critical care, anaesthetics and emergency medicine. Information on ACCS training, including how to apply, can be found on the ACCS website and IMT recruitment website.

Latest news and developments: 

The ACCS curriculum has been revised and will replace the current curriculum from August 2021. The new curriculum describes the learning outcomes for the indicative two-year period of training in which doctors rotate through specialty placements in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine. Trainees will then complete the early stage curriculum and pass the relevant exam for their chosen specialty in order to exit the ACCS training programme and progress into higher training.

To complete the programme for Internal Medicine (ACCS-IM) trainees will undertake IMY2 and IMY3 following the two-year generic training. Trainees will be eligible to apply for all group 1 JRCPTB specialties following completition of the ACCS-IM programme. Trainees wishing to enter a group 2 (non acute) specialty can do so after three years of ACCS-IM (ie IMY2). 

Current ACCS-AM trainees who do not enter higher specialty training in 2021 will be able to transfer to the ACCS-IM programme and complete IMY3 in order to be eligible to apply for ST4 recruitment in group 1 specialties in 2022. Guidance for ACCS-AM trainees in their CT3 year is available in the ARCP and guidance sections below. 

ACCS Trainees Day – 16 December 2020

This event is free for ACCS trainees and is worth one day of study leave. There will be an online question and answer session with the Intercollegiate Committee for ACCS Training. 

ACCS Trainers Day – 17 December 2020

A comprehensive half-day live online introduction to the new ACCS Curriculum. It is the opportunity for everyone with a training role within ACCS to know all the news about the new ACCS curriculum with the opportunity to ask questions to an expert panel.

Further information about these events is availabe on the RCoA website -


The current ACCS curriculum can be found on the ACCS website. A new curriculum has recently been approved by the GMC and is due to be implemented in August 2021. Please see the latest new and developments section for more information.

ARCP Decision Aids: 

The following guidance and ARCP decision aid is for ACCS-AM trainees in CT3 this year. From August 2021 trainees will transfer to the ACCS-IM curriculum and use the IMT ARCP decision aid for their IMY2 and IMY3. 

PDF icon ACCS-AM CT3 guidance and ARCP decision aid 2020

Guidance has been developed to support ARCPs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please see the documents below and the COVID-19 hub.

PDF icon Joint Position Statement for Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) training programme - Initial Assessment of Competence (IAC)

PDF icon ARCP outcomes for trainees completing CMT ACCS-AM BBT 2020

PDF icon ICACCST Advice ARCP 2020

PDF icon ACCS ARCP 2020 Checklist CT1 - ST1

PDF icon ACCS ARCP 2020 Checklist CT2 - ST2

PDF icon CMT ARCP Decision Aid (August 2017)

Forms and guidance: 

There are FAQs relating to ACCS and IMT available here. Please also see the Internal Medicine Training (IMT) page for guidance relating to the IM Stage 1 curriculum including the Rough Guide. 

The following guidance was developed with Stephanie Hill, ACCS-AM CT3 in Yorkshire and Humber for trainees who are currently in their CT3 year

PDF icon ACCS-AM CT3 guidance and ARCP decision aid 2020