Temporary suspension of Penultimate Year Assessments (PYAs) for physicianly specialties

20 Oct 2020

Following the decision on 16 March this year to apply a temporary suspension to PYAs, the four Statutory Education Bodies (SEBs) of the UK, the JRCPTB and the GMC have collaborated to explore how processes could be implemented to ensure that any impact of the PYA suspension on training is minimised. We are aware of two key points which have caused some anxiety among trainees and trainers. To clarify:

  • The PYA is not a requirement for trainee progression to CCT.
  • Trainees who were due to have a PYA during the period of suspension will not be expected to undertake one if PYAs restart before their CCT date.

The complete guidance and principles agreed by the SEBs, JRCPTB/Federation and the GMC can be seen in this letter. 

We will keep trainees and trainers updated of any further changes well in advance of the summer 2021 ARCPs to ensure clarity, consistency and alignment of processes. We are grateful to all trainers and trainees for your understanding, support and commitment in these unprecedented circumstances.

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