Recording exemption from transferring curriculum

14 Jun 2022

Most current trainees will be required to transfer to the new group 1 and General Internal Medicine/Internal Medicine Stage 2 curricula but some will be exempt under the transitional arrangements agreed with the GMC. Please see our transition guidance and the specialties webpages for further information.

If you are exempt because you are in one of the categories listed below and do not wish to transition, you will need to complete a self-declaration on the ePortfolio by Monday 18 July.

The form is available on the ePortfolio: All Forms +Create Form – Select Form – Curriculum 2022 transfer exemption: Trainee self declaration – Create Form

The reasons a trainee may be exempted from transferring curricula are:

  • You are in your final year of training (pro rata for less than full time trainees)
  • You started training in Cardiology (single accrediting), Genito-urinary Medicine, Palliative Medicine or Neurology prior to August 2021
  • You are in your final two years of Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) training
  • The postgraduate dean has agreed it is not in the interests of patient safety or impractical to support you moving to the curriculum