Entry to group 2 physician specialty training programmes in 2022

24 Feb 2022

The Physician Specialty Recruitment Office (PSRO) and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physician Training Board (JRCPTB) have reviewed the requirement for entry into training in the group 2 physician specialties. The derogation previously agreed with the GMC allowed trainees to enter an ST3 training post without possession of the MRCP(UK) diploma. It has been decided that for 2022 trainees who have not yet succeeded in obtaining the full diploma will still be eligible for appointment to an ST3 post in a group 2 specialty. Applicants must have been successful in Part 1 and Part 2 before they can be appointed. 
Entry to a group 1 specialty at ST4 will require the MRCP(UK) diploma and those trainees entering at ST3 without it will have to achieve this before progressing into the ST4 year of training.

The Federation and PSRO are working together to ensure that allocation of places to sit PACES takes into account the need of individual trainees to acquire that diploma before career progression can occur. Therefore those who have been appointed to Group 2 specialty posts without passing PACES will be prioritised once they commence training in the group 2 programme.