‘Alternative Certificate to Enter Group 2 Higher Physician Specialty Training 2022’ published

16 Jul 2021

The Group 2 specialty version of the alternative certificate has been agreed and published on the NHS ST3 Recruitment website. It is available to download from the Document Library on the site.

Trainees using the alternative certificate can attach it to their application when they apply for 2022 recruitment, and this does not need to be submitted in advance.

Please note the following:

  • The certificate only comes into force from 2022 recruitment and should not be used for 2021 round 2; the 2021 version can be found in the Document Library.
  • Whilst the Group 1 specialty version will be acceptable for Group 2 specialties, the Group 2 certificate will not be acceptable for Group 1 specialties.
  • Versions of the certificate prior to 2022 will not be acceptable after 2021 recruitment.
  • The alternative certificate should not be used by existing IMT trainees as an alternative to completing the second year of the IMT programme.
  • Those completing CMT or ACCS-AM do not need to use the certificate and their ARCP can be used as evidence to enter Group 2 specialties.

Please visit the ST3 Recruitment website for more information.