Development of a new Internal Medicine curriculum

Development of a new Internal Medicine curriculum

July 2016: Interview with Dr Katherine Walesby, chair of the RCPE Trainee and Members Committee, and Professor David Black, JRCPTB Medical Director

Dr Katherine Walesby, chair of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Trainee and Members' Committee and current Clinical Research Fellow and medical registrar in Geriatric Medicine, recently met with Professor David Black to discuss many of the questions that physicians in training have about the proposed Internal Medicine curriculum and its potential impacts on the structure and assessment of medical training.
The interview is structured in five parts.  Click on the videos below to view each part of the interview.

Introduction and background

 Proposals for change

Internal Medicine curriculum structure and CiPs

Progression through training

Timescale for implementation

The proposed model for physician training requires the development of a curriclum and supporting assessment methodology for the spine of internal medicine. We will be running a 'proof of concept' study to explore the feasibility and acceptability of the proposed 'Competencies in Practice' (CiPs) in 2016 - please see the CiP proof of concept study webpage for further information.

We will review the outcome of the proof of concept study and continue to engage with our stakeholders as work on the new training model progresses. We plan to publish a major update in autumn 2016, but in the meantime the current version of the proposals and Professor Black's previous podcast from July 2015 are available below. 

PDF iconProposed outline model for physician training Sept 2016

PDF iconV19 Internal Medicine curriculum proposal.pdf


Response to the Shape of Training mapping exercise

The Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK submitted a response to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) Shape of Training mapping exercise on 12 October 2015. Representatives of the three Colleges and the JRCPTB continue to engage with the UK Shape of Training Steering Group and this page will be used to provide updates.

Key points of the response:

  1. We support the need to restructure aspects of the training of physicians to support the management of acute medical emergencies, chronic disease management, comorbidities, complexity and the needs of an ageing society.  In doing so we also recognise an opportunity to begin the process of service and education transformation but we are not seeking to alter the current length of physician training.
  2. We recognise that there are many ways to better support the acute medical take and acute care, both within the hospital and the community. These are specialty dependent, but with an expectation that specialties will have knowledge of the acute take, contribute to the care of acutely unwell patients, and have the skills to do that.
  3. Changes for training in all specialties will be aligned with the General Medical Council changes to Generic Professional Capabilities and a new approach to assessment.
  4. The curricula will allow simpler and more regular updating to accommodate the needs of patients and new innovations in treatment. In particular we want maximum flexibility in the early years to permit more pluri-potential training and for later training to ensure appropriate development and maintenance of skills and competencies.

The complete submission can be found below.

PDF iconAoMRC mapping exercise JRCPTB Final Response .pdf