It has been approved by my deanery that I can go out of programme so what do I need to do next? How long will it take to process my OOP application?

If you want time out of programme (OOP) to count towards the award of a CCT or a CESR via the Combined Programme (CESR CP), the GMC must approve the post before it starts.

It is therefore essential that your request for training credit is submitted to JRCPTB for consideration at least 8 weeks prior to the start date. All OOP applications that request training credit must have approval by the relevant JRCPTB Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) before the GMC can approve the post. Applications for OOP training credit that are submitted to us with less than 8 weeks notice will not be considered for training credit.

The application form is available on our website. See the Out of programme page for further information.