On the following pages, you will find information, guidance and documentation on the various forms of assessment mandated for use by trainees, including workplace based assessment and knowledge based assessment.

Overview of assessment

All trainees are assessed using a number of different systems to provide feedback on progression and to ensure they have successfully acquired the competencies stipulated in curricula for internal medicine training (IMT) and specialty training. These assessment systems have been carefully mapped onto each curriculum. 

The systems measure the progress of trainees using a framework (or blueprint) of workplace based assessments (WPBA) and knowledge based assessments (KBA) including the MRCP(UK) examination. 

Trainee progress, measured by assessment and other evidence, will be recorded using the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) system described in the Gold Guide.

ARCP Decision Aids for  IMT and each specialty define the requirements for successful progression at ARCP for each level of training. Each assessment system meets the standards set by the General Medical Council