Clinical Neurophysiology

About the specialty: 

Clinical Neurophysiology offers an exciting and varied career within the neurosciences for those interested in combining considerable patient contact with technical skills. It is primarily a diagnostic specialty concerned with recording electrical activity from the nervous system to aid the diagnosis, classification and management of neurological disease. Increasingly neurophysiological techniques are used to identify surgically remediable conditions such as nerve entrapments and aid safer surgical interventions. Electroencephalography is used to classify seizure disorders and select patients for surgical amelioration of epilepsy.

The work involves interaction with a wide range of specialties, including neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, rheumatology, paediatrics, ophthalmology and psychiatry, and environments that include theatre and intensive care. Most Clinical Neurophysiologists work in regional neuroscience centres.  As well having as general responsibilities many develop subspecialty interests, such as in the work-up of patients for epilepsy surgery, specialised neuromuscular disease or theatre work. For those with more academic interests the specialty also lends itself to clinical and basic science research.

Entry into Clinical Neurophysiology training is possible following successful completion of both a foundation programme and a core training programme.There are three core training programmes for Clinical Neurophysiology training:


The curriculum for each specialty defines the process of training and the competencies needed for the award of a certificate of completion of training (CCT). The curriculum includes the assessment system for measuring trainees’ progress comprising workplace based assessment and knowledge based assessment.

The 2021 curriculum and supporting documents are given below.

Clinical Neurophysiology 2021 Training Curriculum

Clinical Neurophysiology 2021 ARCP Decision Aid

Clinical Neurophysiology 2021 Rough Guide to Implementation

Clinical Neurophysiology 2021 CiPs mapping to previous curriculum competencies

The 2010 curriculum is available below. Previous versions of the curriculum are no longer available online but copies can be requested from

PDF icon 2010 Clinical Neurophysiology (amendment 2012)


ARCP Decision Aids: 

The ARCP decision aid for each specialty defines the targets that have to be achieved for a satisfactory ARCP outcome at the end of each training year. ARCP decision aids were revised to reflect the changes to the assessment and review process from August 2014 and replace all previous versions.

PDF icon 2010 Clinical Neurophysiology ARCP Decision Aid ( revised 2014).pdf