Transfer of current trainees to the new group 2 specialty curricula from August 2021

17 Aug 2021

Curricula have been revised in line with the requirements of the General Medical Council’s standards in Excellence by Design. The GMC's policy statement on the transition of learners to a new curriculum sets out the requirements for doctors in training to move to the most recent GMC approved curriculum and programme of assessment. The transition should be completed as soon as it is feasibly possible, taking account of patient and trainee safety whilst also balancing the needs of the service. 

Educational supervisors and trainees should meet to discuss transfer to the new curriculum and to carry out a ‘gap analysis’ to identify any additional training needs. The following resources should be used to support the local process:

  • The new curriculum, rough guide and mapping of learning outcomes to the previous curriculum available on the relevant specialties webpage
  • Record of gap analysis and transfer to new curriculum form available on the ePortfolio.
  • JRCPTB transition guidance.

Training programme directors should notify the JRCPTB which trainees are transferring and the new curriculum will be added to their ePortfolio accounts. Trainees full names and GMC numbers should be sent to

Principles for transferring curriculum

  • Educational supervisors should agree individual transition plans with their trainees taking into account any specialty specific transition guidance detailed in the rough guide.
  • The educational supervisor and trainee should review the new curriculum learning outcomes - 'capabilities in practice' - and identify any gaps that need to be addressed. This gap analysis will help deaneries to tailor the training programme to ensure the trainee encounters relevant learning experiences. Any additional training time and change to the CCT date should be agreed by the first ARCP.
  • For some specialties there will be little difference between the current and new curriculum and the gap analysis will only need to be light touch.
  • The 'record of gap analysis and transfer to new curriculum' form should be completed on the ePortfolio.
  • The new curriculum will be added to the trainee’s ePortfolio account once the training programme has notified the JRCPTB via
  • Trainees will not be required to re-link or transfer evidence from the previous curriculum.
  • Doctors in their final year of training (pro rata for less than full time trainees) are not required to transfer curriculum.
  • Trainees for whom it would not be in the interests of patient safety or impractical to support to move to a new curriculum may remain on the previous curriculum if approved by the postgraduate dean.