Submission to the General Medical Council (GMC)

25 Jul 2017

The new Internal Medicine (IM) stage 1 curriculum has now been submitted to the GMC for approval.  A wide consultation was carried out including the circulation of a survey and workshops with Heads of School, the CMT Advisory Committee, trainee representatives and patients and feedback led to changes incorporated into the final draft. 

The three Physician college’s trainee’s committees have been actively involved in the development of the curriculum and provided representative feedback from all stages of training including medical student observers, Foundation doctors observers, CMT and Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS).

All committees were in support of the proposed changes. 

“Throughout the development process our input has been encouraged and we now represent trainees at a wide range of meetings, in a number of work streams. All three college trainee committees represent trainees at the JRCPTB Management and Policy Board meetings and the JRCPTB Speciality Advisory Committee  (SAC) update days” 

Lay representatives were also part of the consolation and have fed back on their involvement with the process.

“Throughout the process, the focus on patient safety of all those involved has been evident. I have not had any concerns that sufficient attention was being paid to providing a safe learning environment for all trainees…I have been impressed by the steps taken to establish the views of others outside the meetings and with a wide range of stakeholders.”  

The curriculum will be considered by the GMC’s curriculum advisory group (CAG) in September and an approval decision is expected in October 2017.

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