Specialty curricula development

21 Mar 2018

All specialty curricula will need to be reviewed and rewritten in line with the new physician training model and to meet the GMC’s revised standards for curriculum and assessment. We met with the GMC’s Curriculum Oversight Group (COG) in January and the following actions were identified:

  • Final decisions have yet to be reached with regard to the placement of medical oncology but JRCPTB and the Royal College of Radiologists have been asked to explore the possibility of developing a common curriculum for the shared elements of training between medical and clinical oncology.
  • Haematology to produce a position paper detailing the rationale for the placement of haematology in group two (ie not contributing to the acute unselected take).
  • Dermatology to provide details of the proposed length and configuration of future training.
  • Stroke medicine to model how training can be delivery in future as it will not be able to continue as a subspecialty.
  • Group two specialties will be reviewed by the COG to determine whether the length of training is appropriate and whether these could be credentials in due course. 

We are working with our SACs (Specialty Advisory Committee) to develop curricula and the first phase will be to submit purpose statements to the GMC’s Curriculum Oversight Group by the end of 2018. The new specialty curricula and training programmes for group 1 specialties will go live in August 2022 in time for the first cohort of trainees exiting IM stage 1 training.  Group 2 specialties will select trainees after two years of IM stage 1 in 2021, however arrangements will need to be in place a year ahead. 

The JRCPTB Curriculum Development Committee (formerly the Internal Medicine Committee) will provide guidance and oversight of specialty curricula development, implementation and evaluation.