SAC rep inductions

29 Jun 2018

We held an induction event for newly appointed and existing lay representatives on their Specialty Advisory Committees (SACs) on 1 May. The aims of this event were to provide lay reps with: an overview of SACs and the organisational context within which they exist; an understanding of the workstreams; clarity on policies; and advice and support in their role as a lay representative. 

The event included presentations from Professor David Black (JRCPTB medical director), Dr Philip Bright (CMTAC chair), Mr Adrian Hardy (lay rep on the Nuclear Medicine and Dermatology SACs) and JRCPTB workstream leads and staff. The event was well attended and positively received by attendees, who said they felt welcomed and supported and that they found the presentations, lay representatives’ handbook and policy documents highly informative.

Click here for more infomation on the role of the lay representative.