Royal College of Physicians London chief registrar scheme now recruiting

15 Feb 2018

The Royal College of Physicians London (RCP’s) chief registrar scheme is open for applications. Chief registrars are aspiring clinical leaders who have protected time (minimum 40%) to develop their skills in leadership, management and quality improvement (QI), and work on local initiatives that address key challenges their organisations face. This includes:

  • Improving services and outcomes for patients
  • Education and training
  • Morale and engagement
  • Workforce issues and quality of working lives.

The chief registrar role is a senior leadership role that can be undertaken by trainee doctors (ST4 and above) for a minimum of 12 months, in programme or out of programme (training or experience).

Chief registrars benefit from:

Mentoring and support

Mentoring from a local senior clinical leader, access to senior management, and support from the RCP and the chief registrar alumni network, ensures that chief registrars are supported to navigate the complex NHS system and succeed in leading positive change.

RCP chief registrar development programme

Chief registrars receive a 10 month training programme* that supports them in their role and builds skills that will prove valuable for future consultant job applications, such as change management, team development, leadership and quality improvement. There are additional opportunities to showcase project work, raise your profile locally and nationally as an emerging leader, and network with NHS leaders.

Apply for a chief registrar role

Chief registrars are recruited locally by trusts and health boards. Please search ‘chief registrar’ on NHS Jobs for vacancies, follow @RCP_QI on Twitter or contact Natalie Pink, project manager at for information. Please note you must discuss the role with your training programme director and gain permission before making an application.

Testimonials from chief registrar alumni:

“A fantastic opportunity to work on leadership and management skills and develop new ideas in a supported environment” – Dr Leanne Griffin, chief registrar 2016/17

“I feel more prepared to take on the role of a hospital consultant” – Dr Alexandra Ewence, chief registrar 2016/17