JRCPTB statement in response to the UK Shape of training report

17 Aug 2017

The JRCPTB on behalf of the Federation of Royal Colleges’ of Physicians of the United Kingdom welcomes much of the recently published Shape of Training report. We will continue to work together with the GMC, specialist advisory committees and doctors in training across the four nations to develop curricula that equip tomorrow’s physicians with relevant training, skills and attributes needed to deliver high quality care for patients.

The purpose of the Shape of Training review was to ensure that doctors receive high quality education and training that supports high quality patient care and improved outcomes. The resulting report makes a set of recommendations to help doctors to continue to meet patient and service demands now and in the future.

The Federation supports the need to meet patient and public needs by training doctors who can provide better care to the growing number of people with multiple comorbidities, an ageing population, health inequality, ability to recognise and treat acutely unwell patients and respond to the increase in patient expectation.

Professor David Black, JRCPTB Medical Director, said, “I would like to thank the many people across the four nations of the United Kingdom who have provided valuable input and contributions to the development of our proposed training model in response to Shape of Training, including: members of the specialist advisory committees, the three college trainees’ committees, heads of schools of medicine, lay representatives and consultants who are actively involved in teaching and training”.

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