New curricula for internal medicine and group 1 specialties

16 Jun 2022

New curricula for internal medicine and group 1 specialties will be implemented in August 2022. The new model of postgraduate physician training will result in all trainees in group 1 specialties dual training in internal medicine. This will produce doctors that have both specialist and generalist skills critical to meeting the evolving and challenging needs of patients and the NHS.         

A webinar was held on 4 April providing information on the new group 1 and internal medicine curricula which will be implemented from August 2022. A recording is available on our website here. You can also find a series of bitesize videos produced to support those who are supervising trainees on the new curricula.        

Curriculum launch events   

An official launch event will be held on 1 August at the RCP and will be streamed live. Further details will be available soon. We are hosting a series of specialty curriculum launch events over the coming months. These events will bring you up to speed with what is new, capabilities in practice and how they are assessed, what is required of trainees and supervisors, transition requirements and changes to the ePortfolio. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the expert panel on the day.

The events are open to training programme directors, trainers, and trainees. Registration is not needed, and the events can be joined by clicking the links below. The sessions will be recorded and will be available on the relevant JRCPTB website specialty pages. The new curriculum and supporting documents can be found on the specialty webpages.              

Webinars held to date:          

Upcoming events: 


21 June


Palliative medicine

21 June



Transition and gap analysis

We have published guidance on transition and gap analysis of trainees moving to the new curricula in the Group 1 specialties from August 2022. A form has been provided to document the gap analysis and this is available on the ePortfolio and can be created by the trainee or educational supervisor:

  • Trainee's login: Assessment / All Forms / +Create Form / Select Form - “Group 1 specialties gap analysis form” / Create Form
  • Educational Supervisor login: Progression / Supervisor’s Report / +Create Form Select Form - “Group 1 specialties gap analysis form” / Create Form.

Trainees and supervisors should review the IM stage 1 curriculum and IM stage 2 curriculum before discussing the trainee’s capability in the IM clinical CiPs. Acquisition of capability in most CiPs can be achieved throughout the training period before CCT but it is important that there is a focus on CiPs 1, 4 and 7 in the immediate transition period and a gap analysis carried out and documented. Please see the transition document and gap analysis form for further information.

Recording exemption from transferring curriculum – Group 1 specialities

We will be asking trainees currently training in a group 1 speciality to complete a declaration if they are remaining on the previous curriculum because they are exempt under the GMC approved transitional arrangements. The following categories of trainees may be exempt:

  • In their final year of training (pro rata for less than full time trainees)
  • Started training in Cardiology (single accrediting), Genito-urinary Medicine, Palliative Medicine or Neurology prior to August 2021
  • In their final two years of Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) training
  • The postgraduate dean has agreed it is not in the interests of patient safety or impractical to support a trainee to move to the curriculum

The form will be available on the ePortfolio [All Forms] and should be completed by Friday 18 July. New programmes and curricula will be added to the ePortfolio for trainees who have not completed the exemption so they are available for the start of the new training level.

Look out for the alerts on the ePortfolio and JRCPTB website.