New ARCP Panel on ePortfolio

16 Jun 2022

To ensure that panel members who are reviewing trainees for their ARCP get the correct access on the ePortfolio, the ARCP Panel functionality has been introduced. This will give the deanery administrators responsibility to create and manage ARCP Panels on the ePortfolio without needing to contact the ePortfolio support team. This new function will allow the deanery administrators to be fully sufficient in setting up all the ARCPs themselves.

The key functions and benefits are:

  • Deanery administrators no longer need to send request for ARCP reviewer access to the ePortfolio support team
  • Deanery administrators can now create and manage ARCP Panels themselves
  • Panel members linked to the ARCP will automatically get access to review the trainees that are listed on the ARCP
  • Access to the ARCP panel/trainees will be automatically defaulted to 4 weeks prior to the ARCP taking place
  • Panel member access will automatically expire once the ARCP has taken place
  • Deanery administrators will have more flexibility to edit and make changes and set up ARCPs in advance       

Guidance on how to create an ARCP Panel

Guidance on how to access an ARCP Panel and a Panel Member

New design layout for the Assessment tab

A new design layout has been introduced to the Assessment tab. This will mirror how the forms and pages are designed throughout the ePortfolio to ensure consistency. This new format has been designed to make it more user-friendly, simple and easy to use when creating or sending a ticket assessment.

Under the Assessment tab on the ePortfolio, users will have been accustomed to the 'Available Forms' tab and 'Existing Forms' tab which many have had trouble in navigating in finding the right forms to complete.

The new design layout will replace these two tabs, and, in its place, there will be a simple 'Create Form' button. When this is selected the user will see a list of all the available forms they can complete (role depending) and can create the form or send a ticket.

Please read the guidance that will illustrate the new changes New layout to creating assessment forms.

Developments for Group 1 and 2 specialties

·       Work is underway to deliver the summary of progression pages for the group 2 specialties

·       New MCR forms for group 1 specialties will be going live in August 2022

·       New CiP based curriculums for group 1 specialties will be going live in August 2022