Joint Statement regarding the Internal Medicine Curriculum and Intensive Care Medicine Training

15 May 2019

The upcoming introduction of the Internal Medicine curriculum will lead to a number of changes for medical training, two of which will have a direct impact on Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) training.

The first change sees for the first time, a curriculum mandate for all physicians to have experience of ICM during their stage 1 Internal Medicine training. Whilst this will be a significant change in the way training is managed and a challenge to introduce across the UK, it will ensure that there is a better understanding of the needs of critically ill patients and an appreciation of the opportunities and limitations of critical care

The second change, that addresses Shape of Training requirements for generalist training, will require the majority of trainees in JRCPTB specialties to dual train with Internal Medicine. This includes Acute Internal, Renal and Respiratory Medicine, which all currently are able to dual train in Intensive Care Medicine. Both FICM and the JRCPTB recognise the importance of preserving these training programmes and are therefore working together with the GMC to review future pathways to train between these three specialties and ICM. The GMC’s Curriculum Oversight Group (COG) met on 1 May 2019 and have requested a detailed submission for later in the year. There will be no immediate impact on either training or upcoming recruitment in these specialties.

We wanted to take this opportunity, following the agreement we received from the COG on 7 May, to give an update at this stage, as we recognise there are conflicting messages circulating.

The GMC’s approach to curricula approval, including dual curricula, requires detailed, data-led and workforce-driven submissions, and we will be developing this work over the coming months. The significance and relevance of doctors who train between these specialties is fully recognised by us, we need to provide clear and conclusive evidence to the GMC and their COG partners.

Mike Jones

Medical Director

Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board


Carl Waldmann


Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine


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