Educators needed to support research

21 Mar 2018

The Work Psychology Group (WPG) is seeking educators to support a piece of research they are conducting on behalf of the GMC. This research focuses on the evaluation and impact of interventions that aim to address differential attainment (DA) which is the unexplained variation in medical education and training outcomes which have been shown to be associated with some groups of doctors who share protected characteristics.

The GMC is working with others to understand and address the causes of differential attainment within medical education. Variation in attainment exists across a range of protected characteristics, however statistical modelling indicated the strongest effect is ethnicity and primary medical qualification (PMQ). The current focus of this work is UK black and minority ethnic doctors in training and those with an overseas PMQ.

The GMC wish to provide options and practical considerations that will support medical educators and trainers to evaluate interventions designed to address DA. Evaluation of interventions by those designing and providing them will promote an evidence-based strategy that can be shared on a national basis, across the medical training pathway.

WPG’s research aims to identify possible measures of DA, facilitating better measurement of the impact of interventions. The framework of measures will be included as part of the development of a practical guide that medical educators can use to support creation and implementation of rigorous and robust evaluation studies.

If you would like to be involved in the research, please contact Vicki Ashworth on