Changes to the PYA policy

21 Mar 2018

The JRCPTB Penultimate Year Assessment policy has been reviewed and the following change made. Trainees with a CCT date after 1 May 2018 WILL require a second PYA if for any reason the final CCT date is more than 24 months after their first PYA. To minimise administrative burdens, the second PYA will be conducted virtually – unless the trainee, Training Programme Director or External Advisor feel a face-to-face assessment would be more appropriate. The purpose of the change is to protect patient safety. 

The PYA is intended to be a supportive process for trainees’ that involves a face-to-face meeting with a senior trainer in their specialty who is external to their deanery/HEE local office.  It plays a vital role in reviewing an individual’s specialty training with targets set to ensure outstanding curriculum competencies are met and therefore contributes substantially to patient safety.  Crucially it helps ensure that the trainee will understand what is required of them once certified, and will be performing at a level commensurate with obtaining their final certification as they approach the completion of their training, where they will be expected to act independently and be responsible for supervising others as a consultant.  

Further information on the Penultimate Year Assessment process can be found here.