Serve on the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s Trainees & Members’ Committee

9 Jun 2017

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh’s Trainees and Members’ Committee (T&MC) is an active trainees and members group committed to improving training around the UK and engaging and representing trainees, SAS doctors and medical students. The Committee represents over 3000 trainees and members around the UK. It is comprised of Collegiate and Associate Members - including trainees and members, SAS doctors, LTFT, and academic trainees – as well as medical student and foundation doctor observers.

Join the Committee to make a difference

The T&MC is looking for nominations to fill vacancies on the Committee from across the UK. The Committee participates in all aspects of College life in addition to providing representation to key external training bodies.

The College has a range of video and tele-conferencing facilities to allow you to get involved wherever you are around the UK.

Why get involved?

There are lots of opportunities to help shape the work of the Committee and get involved in influencing junior doctors' training:

  • Represent junior doctors on national bodies, such as JRCPTB, BMA, Specialist Advisory Committees, and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctors Group
  • Organise and host educational events, supported by College staff
  • Involvement in medical politics and developing influential statements and policies
  • Communications and publishing experience such as online Continuing Medical Education, the Journal, and online surveys
  • Develop experience in medical leadership and management
  • Work with other committees, including College Council and the College Strategy Group

Nominate today

The T&MC are looking for nominations to fill 13 vacancies on the Committee. Candidates must be Collegiate members or Associate members* working in the following areas:

  • Scotland (Constituency A) 4 vacancies
  • England & Wales (Constituency B) 5 vacancies
  • Northern Ireland (Constituency C) 1 vacancy
  • Staff, Specialist & Associate Specialist (Constituency D) 1 vacancy
  • Associates (Constituency E) 2 vacancies

*Candidates must be Collegiate Members working in the following geographical areas (Constituencies A, B and C). Candidates standing in Constituency D (Staff, Specialty & Associate Specialist) must be Collegiate or Associate Members practising in that category). Candidates standing in Constituency E (Associates) must be Associate Members of the College.

Find out more

For further information, please log in to your RCPE account. If you would like to become a member, please visit the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh website.