Alternative Certificate to enter Group 1 Higher Physician Specialty Training 2022

2 Feb 2021

We recognise that this is an extremely stressful time for trainees and understand the concerns that have been expressed by trainees about the alternative certificate published by the Physician Specialist Recruitment Office (PSRO). This certificate is to be used to demonstrate eligibility for recruitment to group 1 specialties from 2022 but will also continue to be available each year after that so that the PSRO can confirm that applicants for ST4 posts have acquired equivalent capabilities to trainees who have completed a formal internal medicine training pathway. We have liaised with the PSRO to ensure the information on its website reflects this.

The applicant, together with their supporting consultant, is responsible for the accurate completion of the certificate and this should be based on the capabilities that they have acquired.  We wish to encourage flexibility and acknowledge that many of these capabilities may be acquired in a variety of work environments. In particular, it is likely that many of the learning outcomes associated with care of elderly patients and the critically ill will have been experienced by those who have been working with patients suffering from COVID-19 during the pandemic. It’s important that the supporting consultant prioritises the review of capabilities that have been acquired rather than simply reviewing the time that the applicant has spent in any particular area when they sign off the certificate.

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