How is the MCR completed?

At the start of a placement the educational supervisor and trainee should identify the clinical supervisors who should provide feedback on the trainee's performance in the placement. It is advisable that those identified are made aware that they may be approached for a report. Trainees will need to make a ticket request for clinical supervisors who are not linked to their placement. The MCR should ideally be completed in the last four-six weeks of a placement. The educational supervisor and trainee should take into account the date of the ARCP and ensure that sufficient reports will have been received in time for the summary report to be available. This may mean that reports from a final placement cannot be included for the ARCP. The clinical supervisor should acknowledge areas of excellence and when a trainee is graded ‘below expectations' specific details and examples are required.

ePortfolio guides for trainees and supervisors on the use of the MCR are available on the JRCPTB website.