Assessment FAQs

As an IMT trainee, how can I record my acute take experience, clinic attendance and procedures?

A tool is provided to assist IMT trainees in recording their clinical activity.  This Excel spread sheet can be used to record procedures and attendance at clinics and to calculate number of patients seen on the acute take. This will help in completing the summary of clinical activity and teaching attendance on the ePortfolio. The spread sheet can be uploaded to the personal library in the ePortfolio.

File IMT acute take calculator 

CMT trainees should use the version provided on the CMT webpage.

Failure to enrol your post with the JRCPTB may result in:

  • Your post not counting towards your CCT and subsequently, delaying your completion of training.
  • Not being able to support your training such as prospectively approving periods of out of programme and recommending you for accreditation.
  • Your access to the ePortfolio being cancelled.
  • Failing your ARCP as many panels ask for evidence of completion of enrolment.

How does the JRCPTB ePortfolio link with the Foundation ePortfolio?

A version of the ePortfolio is being used by Foundation trainees in most UK deaneries. The JRCPTB and Foundation ePortfolios are based on a single common system but with different content and tools. Trainees will see a view of the ePortfolio that varies according to their stage of training and specialty. It is hoped that the ePortfolio will develop as a single record from Foundation carrying on into specialty training.

Do I need to complete a Patient Survey / Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire?

Please refer to the relevant ARCP decision aid to determine whether the patient survey is required and whether it is mandatory or recommended. If it is a requirement, the decision aid provides guidance on when it should be be carried out. Patient survey and guidance forms are available to download from the document library of the JRCPTB website. The educational supervisor should collate the patient feedback received and complete a summary form on the ePortfolio

I would like to go OOP in my final year of training, is this possible?

Although it is possible if supported by the deanery/HEE local office, it is strongly recommended by the JRCPTB that trainees do not undertake any OOP episodes in their final year of training. In any event, a PYA must be undertaken first for each of your specialties and it is unlikely that credit towards training will be granted in full for OOP episodes in the final year of training.

Is it possible to acquire my CCT earlier than originally planned?

We have issued guidance for Specialist Advisory Committees on the process for recommending an earlier CCT date for trainees acquiring competencies more rapidly than anticipated.  This guidance should apply to all medical specialties supervised by JRCPTB but may be subject to variation depending on subsequent GMC advice.

PDF icon Early CCT advice for SACs Sept 2014.pdf


What is the fee used for and what does the JRCPTB do for me?

The enrolment fee supports the costs of all JRCPTB's activities.

We oversee physician training in the UK on behalf of the three Royal Colleges and report to the General Medical Council. Our main responsibilities with regards to trainees are to:

  • Co-ordinate national recruitment for 19 specialties and CMT
  • Provide and continuously develop services including the ePortfolio
  • Write and update each of the 30+ core and specialty training curricula
  • Offer advice on qualification and career progression
  • Provide external assessors for ARCP and PYA panels
  • Work with deaneries/LETBs and the GMC on quality managing training programmes
  • Approve any variations to a training programme for an individual trainee such as research or overseas training. This approval is a required step if the post is to count towards a CCT
  • Provide adequate evidence to allow the GMC to agree to issue a CCT or CESR and add the trainee to the Specialist Register

We are entirely funded by the enrolment fees we collect from trainees. See the about us section for further information.

Who enters information into the ePortfolio?

The trainee must take personal responsibility for the main parts of the ePortfolio and should complete most of the data entry, eg:

  1. Declarations and agreements
  2. Self assessment
  3. Personal development plan
  4. Initial appraisal meeting forms with advice at the meeting from the educational supervisor
  5. Mid-point appraisal
  6. All elements of personal reflective practice

It is the trainees' responsibility to arrange for their workplace assessments and to ensure that the assessments are completed. The supervisor should maintain the record of curriculum competencies throughout an attachment and write the end of attachment appraisal and supervisor's report. Remember that supervisors do not have to conduct the majority of assessments for their trainees.

My current post details are wrong in ePortfolio, how can I correct them?

You can update your post details directly through your ePortfolio.  See our user guide and video for full instructions.

PDF icon Guidance to trainees on self-administration

How to video

I'm going on parental leave, what do I need to do?

Initially you will need to advise the deanery/HEE local office and JRCPTB of the date you intend to commence parental leave. On your return to clinical training you will need to fill out the completion date calculator with your date of return and if this will be on a full-time or less than full time basis and send to your deanery/HEE local office.