Assessment FAQs

Do trainees have to pay to use the ePortfolio?

We have been working with NHS Education Scotland (NES) for several years to develop the ePortfolio platform for physician trainees.   Until late 2009, NES had undertaken this work without charge but now needs to recoup running costs through an annual per capita charge for each trainee using the ePortfolio. 

We are not able to absorb these running costs and therefore this charge has had to be incorporated into the overall enrolment fee for all trainees. It is a requirement that trainees enrol with the JRCPTB, as stated in the "Gold Guide". 

How many assessments do trainees need to record?

Trainees should collect the evidence needed to demonstrate exploration of the curriculum and learning against the competencies set out in the curriculum.The ARCP decision aids define the minimum numbers of assessments required and the JRCPTB has produced guidance on specialty trainee assessment review which provides advice linking assessment to curriculum competencies.

What posts are not approved for training?

  • Service posts - eg Locum Appointments for Service (LAS)
  • Clinical Fellow, Honorary or Trust posts that do not either carry GMC approval or form part of an Out of Programme Episode whilst in a numbered post - see the OOP page

What is the MCR requirement for trainees on academic placements in CMT?

Trainees on academic placements in core medical training (CMT) should discuss and agree with their educational supervisor the appropriate number of MCRs that should be obtained in the training year taking into account the non-clinical time.

Do I need to enrol with JRCPTB?

If you started training on or after 1st August 2008 in Core Medical Training, Acute Care Common Stem (Acute Medicine) or a medical specialty at the following grades you need to enrol with us:

  • CT1/ST1
  • CT2/ST2
  • ST3 and above
  • LAT

If you started as a LAT, FTTA or SpR in a medical specialty on or before 1st August 2007 these posts also need to be enrolled.

Do all ACCS trainees have to use the ePortfolio?

Trainees who have been appointed to an ACCS (Acute Medicine) programme will have access to the JRCPTB ePortfolio once they have enrolled. Trainees will be assigned the ACCS curiculum for the first two years of the programme but should then use the core medical training (CMT) curriculum to record evidence in the CT3 year of Acute Medicine. Please refer to the guidance published on the CMT/ACCS specialty page.

For ACCS trainees on an Emergency Medicine or Anaesthetics pathway you will need to contact the relevant College to get ePortfolio access.  You will not be able to use the physician ePortfolio for recording your experience gained in medicine posts.

Who can assess trainees?

For mini-CEX, ACAT and CBDs assessors can be any doctor with appropriate experience beyond CMT level (SpR/ ST3 grade and above). For DOPS assessors can be anyone with expertise in the procedure, including experienced nurses and allied health professionals as appropriate. Trainees should not be assessed by colleagues of the same grade (other than during multi-source feedback).

It has been approved by my deanery that I can go out of programme so what do I need to do next? How long will it take to process my OOP application?

If you want time out of programme (OOP) to count towards the award of a CCT or a CESR via the Combined Programme (CESR CP), the GMC must approve the post before it starts.

It is therefore essential that your request for training credit is submitted to JRCPTB for consideration at least 8 weeks prior to the start date. All OOP applications that request training credit must have approval by the relevant JRCPTB Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) before the GMC can approve the post. Applications for OOP training credit that are submitted to us with less than 8 weeks notice will not be considered for training credit.

The application form is available on our website. See the Out of programme page for further information.

Do trainees on earlier versions of the curriculum need to complete an MCR?

Trainees on earlier versions of the curriculum should obtain the same number of MCRs as set out in the latest ARCP decision aid. Trainees who have an ePortfolio should follow the same process and ticket clinical supervisors to complete the MCR (please refer to ePortfolio guide for requesting an MCR).

Why do I need to enrol with the JRCPTB?

  • To maintain access to the training tools provided by the JRCPTB which includes your ePortfolio, curriculum and assessment methods.
  • For us to monitor your training and ensure your training is completed within the legal requirements and to the standards set by the GMC.
  • You will need to enrol with us so we can ultimately recommend you to the General Medical Council for specialist registration. You will need specialist registration so you can then work as a consultant in the NHS or elsewhere in the world.