Fees and membership

Do trainees have to pay to use the ePortfolio?

We have been working with NHS Education Scotland (NES) for several years to develop the ePortfolio platform for physician trainees. Until late 2009, NES had undertaken this work without charge but now needs to recoup running costs through an annual per capita charge for each trainee using the ePortfolio.

We are not able to absorb these running costs and therefore this charge has had to be incorporated into the overall enrolment fee for all trainees. It is a requirement that trainees enrol with the JRCPTB, as stated in the "Gold Guide".

How much are my enrolment fees?

Please see the fees and membership page.

What is the fee used for and what does the JRCPTB do for me?

The enrolment fee supports the costs of all JRCPTB's activities.

We oversee physician training in the UK on behalf of the three Royal Colleges and report to the General Medical Council. Our main responsibilities with regards to trainees are to:

  • Co-ordinate national recruitment for 19 specialties and CMT
  • Provide and continuously develop services including the ePortfolio
  • Write and update each of the 30+ core and specialty training curricula
  • Offer advice on qualification and career progression
  • Provide external assessors for ARCP and PYA panels
  • Work with deaneries/LETBs and the GMC on quality managing training programmes
  • Approve any variations to a training programme for an individual trainee such as research or overseas training. This approval is a required step if the post is to count towards a CCT
  • Provide adequate evidence to allow the GMC to agree to issue a CCT or CESR and add the trainee to the Specialist Register

We are entirely funded by the enrolment fees we collect from trainees. See the about us section for further information.

Why won't the online enrolment system allow me to complete my payment?

Contact the enrolment team using our online contact form with your GMC number and we shall invoice you for your enrolments fees via an email containing a link to collect your payment.

Other enrolment issues

Do I need to enrol with JRCPTB?

If you started training on or after 1st August 2008 in Core Medical Training, Acute Care Common Stem (Acute Medicine) or a medical specialty at the following grades you need to enrol with us:

  • CT1/ST1
  • CT2/ST2
  • ST3 and above
  • LAT

If you started as a LAT, FTTA or SpR in a medical specialty on or before 1st August 2007 these posts also need to be enrolled.

Failure to enrol your post with the JRCPTB may result in:
  • Your post not counting towards your CCT and subsequently, delaying your completion of training.
  • Not being able to support your training such as prospectively approving periods of out of programme and recommending you for accreditation.
  • Your access to the ePortfolio being cancelled.
  • Failing your ARCP as many panels ask for evidence of completion of enrolment.
How will I know that I am fully enrolled?

When you are fully enrolled you will be sent an enrolment confirmation e-mail. For substantive specialty trainees you will also receive a letter confirming your accreditation type and date from the Certification and Trainees Services (CTS) team. Your records on the ePortfolio will also be updated by your local administrator to list your current post.

I did not complete 24 months of training in a GMC approved core medical training programme and have been asked for evidence of my equivalence what do I need to do?

All doctors without 24 months CMT should upload a copy of their CV or a completed copy of the training post details grid and add this to the personal library on their ePortfolio in a folder called "evidence at appointment". If you did not complete the MRCP(UK), but have another postgraduate medical qualification a copy of this certification should also be added to your ePortfolio personal library.

I haven’t been sent an invite to enrol so what do I do?

We have not been sent the details on your new appointment. Please contact the enrolment team, providing the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • GMC number
  • Full UK Address
  • Email Address
  • Post details (trust/appointment letter) including LETB, start and completion date
  • Primary medical qualification (PMQ) – College, Country, and date obtained (DD/MM/YYYY)
My enrolment details are incorrect, what should I do?

Please complete your enrolment process and provide the enrolment team with the correct details for your post using our online contact form (link is external). Please also provide evidence of your post by attaching your Trust/appointment letter or Form R.

Who are the JRCPTB?

The JRCPTB is a Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK body, responsible for delivering the three Colleges' role in setting and maintaining standards for physician specialist training in the UK.

This role comprises a number of different functions, which include:

  • The development, revision and delivery of specialty curricula, including specified assessment methods, for 29 medical specialties and 3 subspecialties, as well as for Core Medical Training (CMT)
  • Providing external advice to Deaneries on the quality management of training in different locations as part of the GMC's Quality Framework
  • Recording and monitoring trainees' progress and making recommendations to the GMC for the award of specialty certification

Visit the about us section for more information.

Why do I need to enrol with the JRCPTB?
  • To maintain access to the training tools provided by the JRCPTB which includes your ePortfolio, curriculum and assessment methods.
  • For us to monitor your training and ensure your training is completed within the legal requirements and to the standards set by the GMC.
  • You will need to enrol with us so we can ultimately recommend you to the General Medical Council for specialist registration. You will need specialist registration so you can then work as a consultant in the NHS or elsewhere in the world.
Why does the “We do not have your details on our database” error message appear?

We have not been sent the details on your new appointment. Please contact the enrolment team with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • GMC number
  • Full UK Address
  • Email Address
  • Post details (trust/appointment letter) including LETB, start and completion date
  • Primary medical qualification (PMQ) – College, Country, and date obtained (DD/MM/YYYY)

After this information is received we will send you confirmation that our database has been updated with your details, after which you should be able to enrol.