Posts and programmes

The JRCPTB, through its Specialty Advisory Committees (SACs) review all requests from deaneries or Health Education England local offices (HEELOs) for new specialty training programmes and or new training post locations where training in the specialty has not previously been approved by the General Medical Council or PMETB, the GMC’s predecessor.

The process for approval  

Deaneries and HEE local offices seeking programme and post location approval are required to submit details of the proposed programme using GMC Form A for programme approval and GMC Form B for new post location approvals. 

Guidance of completion of these forms can be found on the GMC website - see links below. 

The relevant SAC will review the documentation provided by the deanery /HEE local office according to the JRCPTB guidelines and provide the deanery or HEE local offices with a letter of support if the SAC is satisfied that the programme or post meets the standards required.  The application and letter of support must then be submitted to the GMC for formal approval.

PDF icon Guidelines for SACs on the support for post and programme approval.pdf

GMC approved training programmes and sites

The GMC now publishes a list of approved training programmes and sites on it website.  This list will be updated every two weeks.

Doctors in training to contact their HEE local offices/deanery if they have any questions regarding information in the list.