International programme accreditation

Accreditation is the recognition granted to an institution that meets the standards or criteria established by a competent authority or association. Its general purpose is to promote and ensure educational programme quality.

In this case the association is the Federation of the three Physician Royal Colleges in the UK. The purpose is to promote and ensure high quality physicianly education and programme quality.

Accreditation levels

Federation preparatory International Accreditation. Level 1

The provision of an organised local training programme that allows candidates to prepare for all parts of the MRCP(UK) examination as part of that training programme. The programme will be assessed against relevant generic standards based on GMC UK standards and will have evidence of an active process of developing and implementing a modern competency based curriculum.

Federation International Accreditation. Level 2

This reflects the provision of a detailed local curriculum for the early years of physicianly training with a modern competency based curriculum. All parts of the MRCP(UK) form part of the programme of assessment of the locally determined curricula. The accreditation process will be undertaken using the local curricula as well as relevant generic standards of postgraduate education arrived in part from the UK GMC standards.

Federation UK IMT International Accreditation. Level 3

This approves training equivalent to the full UK IMT. Trainees successfully completing this training programme and passing all parts of MRCP(UK) will fulfil the “experience” criteria required to apply directly for higher specialty training in the United Kingdom, i.e. that their clinical experience and competences would be considered the exact equivalence to someone completing Internal Medicine Training in the UK.

Click here to read the full process for international accreditation for postgraduate physican education

International Accreditation Standards for Physicanly Postgraduate Medical Education and Training

Benefits of accreditation

  • The support and development of locally delivered, world class competency based education.
  • Use of the JRCPTB logo aligned with the achieved level of accreditation.
  • All information available on the JRCPTB International Accreditation website.
  • Use of the information related to the approved level of accreditation for the period of the accreditation term (subject to on-going satisfactory monitoring and review)
  • Services or countries achieving level 3 accreditation will have an automatic seat on the relevant JRCPTB UK Advisory Committee for developing the curriculum further.  

Latest news

October 2019: A copy of the 2019 Accreditation Assessment report for KIMS Healthcare - Trivandrum, India

Level 3

Accreditation report KIMS Healthcare, Trivandrum, India, October 2019

September 2019: A copy of the 2019 Accreditation Assessment report for Max Healthcare - Saket, New Delhi, India 

Level 3

Max Accreditation Assessment - Sept 2019 .pdf

April 2019: A copy of the 2018 Accreditation Assessment report for MMA - Cairo,Egypt:

Level 1 (preparatory)

PDF icon MMA Accreditation Assessment_October 2018

December 2018: A copy of the 2018 Accreditation Assessments for Landspitali University Hospital Iceland and Aster Medcity Kochi are available below:

Level 3

PDF icon Iceland Accreditation Assessment 27 June 2018

PDF icon Aster Medcity Kochi Accreditation Assessment July 2018

May 2018: We have formed new partnerships and will be starting CMT equivalent training with Aster Medcity in Wayanad in July 2018, MAX Healthcare in New Delhi in October 2018 and KIMS in Trivandrum in November 2018.

May 2017: CMT programmes will commence at AsterMedCity, Kerala in July 2017 and AsterMedCity, Dubai in August 2017

January 2017: We recently formed a partnership with Aster Medcity in Kerala, India and successfully launched a new CMT programme.

December 2016: Feature article published in RCP London Commentary magazine on delivering comre medical training in Iceland (Professor David Black, Commentary, December 2016, pages 20/21).

July 2016: We are pleased to report that the Icelandic core medical training programme has been accredited by JRCPTB, on behalf of the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians for 24 months.

Iceland training programme accreditation

A copy of the 2016 core medical training accreditation visit report for Iceland is available below:

PDF icon Accreditation report Iceland June 2016.pdf

Further information

If you would be interested to find out more about the accreditation process for new training programmes please contact

(1) Fulfillment of other eligibility criteria such as that relating to GMC registration, language testing and the right to work in the UK would need to be demonstrated separately.