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General Internal Medicine


Before the trend to specialisation, although many consultant physicians developed an expertise in their chosen areas, most practiced general internal medicine and dealt with a wide range of medical problems. These included patients admitted as emergencies, patients with multiple disorders, patients referred to outpatient clinics for investigation and diagnosis, and patients referred by specialist services - as outpatients or urgent inpatient referrals.

The GIM curriculum defines the process of training and the competencies needed for the award of a CCT in general internal medicine. The GIM curriculum equips trainees in speciality training programs with the competencies needed to allow participation at a senior level on the acute medical take, and to provide advice on the investigation and management of inpatients and outpatients with acute and chronic medical problems.

It is expected that most trainees following the GIM curriculum to CCT will be doing so in parallel with training in another medical specialty. Physicians trained to a CCT in GIM must be prepared to accept continued responsibility for patients beyond the acute phase, although the majority of their inpatients will be within their own speciality, often triaged from a medical assessment unit. The curriculum reflects the contexts in which GIM is performed, i.e. the admitting unit, inpatient wards and outpatients. This curriculum also emphasises the skills and competencies which will be expected to be acquired in the acute, inpatient and outpatient settings and how these will be assessed as trainees progress through the syllabus.

Entry to general internal medicine

Entry into general internal medicine training is possible following successful completion of both a Foundation Programme and a core training programme.

Core training programmes

There are two core training programmes in general internal medicine;

Curriculum and Assessment

2009 GIM Curriculum

In 2009, the JRCPTB reinstated the system for the award of dual certificates of completion of training (CCTs) in general internal medicine (GIM) and acute medical specialties.  The JRCPTB announced the curriculum for general internal medicine in 2009. This curriculum replaced the GIM (Acute) medicine (2007) curriculum to allow trainees once again to achieve CCTs in their specialty and general internal medicine. 

2012 updates to the 2009 GIM curriculum

The 2009 general internal medicine (GIM) curriculum was revised with effect from August 2012 onwards. All trainees who are following the 2009 GIM curriculum will be expected to adopt the changes below on a prospective basis.  

A list of frequently asked questions is available here.

ARCP decision aid

The ARCP decision aid for the GIM curriculum sets out the evidence required to demonstrate satisfactory progress against the curriculum requirements for each stage of training. Trainees on dual CCT programmes should also refer to the relevant specialty ARCP decision aid.  

The following calculator was put together to allow trainees to calculate their acute medical take and outpatient (or outpatient-equivalent) experience in a manner consistent with the 2009 GIM decision aid (revised 2012); that will be used at ARCPs and PYAs. The general internal medicine SAC recommends this to trainees and assessors as an easy means of providing information that is required to inform these assessments, although its use is not mandatory.


Previous versions of curriculum 

For previous versions of the curriculum please contact us at


This page was last updated 6 August 2014


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2009 General Internal Medicine ARCP Decision Aid (revised 2014).pdf2009 General Internal Medicine ARCP Decision Aid (revised 2014)466 KB07/08/2014 14:53ST3+
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2003 General (Internal) Medicine Curriculum.pdf2003 General (Internal) Medicine Curriculum266 KB05/02/2010 16:03SpR
2007 General Internal Medicine (Acute) Levels 1,2 + 3 Curriculum.pdf2007 General Internal Medicine (Acute) Levels 1,2 + 3 Curriculum507 KB05/02/2010 16:03ST3+
2009 (AUC) GIM curriculum (amendments 2012).pdf2009 (AUC) GIM curriculum (amendments 2012)1855 KB24/06/2014 11:37ST3+
AIM+GIM Sample Logbook.xlsAIM+GIM Sample Logbook134 KB26/05/2010 10:29ST3+
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AIM ARCP Transfer Proforma.docAIM ARCP Transfer Proforma108 KB26/05/2010 10:52ST3+; ST2
ARCP Transfer Proforma.docARCP Transfer Proforma115 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
Request to transfer AIM application form 2010.docRequest to transfer AIM application form 201062 KB26/05/2010 10:04ST2; ST3+
Request to transfer to 2009 GIM curriculum.docRequest to transfer to 2009 GIM curriculum65 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
Summary of Training calculator - November 2012.xlsSummary of Training calculator - November 201282 KB28/11/2012 14:48ST3+
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Cardiology and GIM training in 2010.pdfCardiology and GIM training in 201059 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
Conversion to AIM curriculum flowchart V0 3.pdfConversion to AIM curriculum flowchart V0 319 KB26/05/2010 10:27ST2; ST3+
Conversion to GIM curriculum flowchart.pdfConversion to GIM curriculum flowchart19 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
GIM Regulations and Requirements.pdfGIM Regulations and Requirements142 KB05/02/2010 16:03SpR
GIM Trainee FAQs.pdfGIM Trainee FAQs94 KB29/10/2012 15:57ST3+
Process of transfer to 2009 AIM curriculum.pdfProcess of transfer to 2009 AIM curriculum53 KB26/05/2010 10:24ST2; ST3+
Process of transfer to 2009 GIM curriculum.docProcess of transfer to 2009 GIM curriculum60 KB14/03/2013 16:21ST3+
Summary calculation of GIM experience to support ARCP.docSummary calculation of GIM experience to support ARCP97 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
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EFIM Letter for Trainees 18 07 07.pdfEFIM Letter for Trainees 18 07 0734 KB05/02/2010 16:03SpR
GIM transfer trainee FAQs.pdfGIM transfer trainee FAQs32 KB19/07/2012 13:45ST3+
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General Internal Medicine Annual Specialty Report 2009.pdfGeneral Internal Medicine Annual Specialty Report 200921 KB05/02/2010 16:03SAC; SpR; ST3+

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